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We had a chance to work with [Maverick Faith] when we needed a radio spot on the air to help raise donations. [Maverick Faith] is very professional with a great sense of humor. His knowledge and professionalism with the radio industry is unmatched. We had a great time working with [Maverick Faith] and will be using him and his skills in again in the near future.
Bobby Wiggins
Sales Executive
I worked with [Maverick Faith] and always found him to be well informed, articulate and passionate about world events and how they affect the average person on a day to day level. [Maverick Faith] pays great attention to detail and takes pride in his work. One of the most memorable things about [Maverick Faith] , I believe, is his sense of integrity. He is an asset to any team.
Natalie Stanfield
Voice Actress and Producer
[Maverick Faith] is a highly creative guy with the work ethic and energy to match. As a voice talent, I can't tell you how valuable and rare it is to work with someone who understands both excellence AND humility. One of the best!
Steve Cook
Actor and Sound Designer
[Maverick Faith] served as Producer of Cradle My Heart Radio for [5 years] and his work has been invaluable. He has a great facility for seeing the big picture while maintaining scrupulous attention to detail. [Maverick Faith]'s faith is at the center of his work and he serves sacrificially. Couldn't do what I do without him!
Kim Ketola
Retired Broadcaster and Speaker

About Maverick Faith

Over 20-years of experience in radio production, on-air hosting, and writing across all genres. You'll find my styles to be concise and engaging as I cut through the noise to reach your target audience and customers. My career has allowed me to hone these skills in markets both large and small. Currently, I am employed full-time in marketing and sales management.


The roll cast is a very effective fly fishing technique that utilizes the rolling action of the wrist while loading the line with energy from the water. Perfect for slinging the fly short distances with pin-point accuracy.

This is the idea behind the Maverick Faith Roll Cast. Short, yet powerful stories and podcasts!

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