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Give Lima Beans a Second Chance

I don't know what prompted me to give Lima Beans a second chance. Maybe because I was told I was being served Butter Beans, not realizing that they were one in the same. But what makes southern Butter Beans so much more tasty than Yankee Lima Beans?

My mom used to serve them steamed and I don't ever remember them being seasoned apart from some butter and maybe some salt. The seasoning of Butter Beans definitely has something to do with the umami. Perhaps its that delicious broth that turns into almost a Butter Bean gravy that you can sop up with a nice rustic crusty bread? It's amazing what the proper seasoning along with low heat and time can do to a much maligned bean. Of course, changing the name helps too.

A few days ago, I made the most delicious pot of Butter Beans in our instapot. It only took seven minutes from frozen to dinner plate. Now, I didn't have all the ingredients I desired...most notably a few slices of bacon or hog jowl. However, they turned out just fine with a diced Georgia sweet onion, some salt, pepper, a few cloves of garlic...and that magical ingredient that I put on everything -- Franks Red Hot sauce.

Did you know that Butter Beans are good for you? They are full of vitamins K and B, they help lower your blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Butter Beans also boost your red blood cells and, as far as I can tell, I think they are lower on that ingredient that produces flatulence. At least I've never seen a noticeable increase in my production after eating a large bowl of Butter Beans. 

There are so many other foods that I've also given a second chance. And for each one it was just a matter of using the right seasoning and cooking method.

During the seven minute wait time for my latest batch of mind wandered to other things I pretty much gave up on in my adult years because it was prepared and shared poorly in my youth. Faith being one of them.

During my childhood, teen, and young adult years I was served plateful after plateful of unseasoned religion that I just forced myself to eat because I convinced myself that it was the right thing to do. Eventually, I grew tired of the bland dinners and wanted to just walk away from the table. That is until I learned to cook for myself and discovered how to properly use the three basic flavor enhancers...pepper, garlic, and most importantly salt. When I rediscovered began to become exciting once again. I gave it a second chance, if you will. 

I realized I needed to cook by the Book. The recipes for a well-seasoned life are right there on the pages. All you have to do is read. Send back those bland religious dishes. Give faith and Lima Beans another chance.


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