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Five Fishing Flicks Worth Watching

I'm not a fan of high-energy & low I.Q. fishing and hunting shows. Honestly, I think some of those shows do more harm than good when it comes to PR for their respective sports. I rather enjoy the offbeat fishing and hunting programs that don't get as much exposure as they truly deserve. These shows are truly works of art and are well worth the time spent watching,  I shall share a few of my favorites with you.

1. A River Runs Through It

Yes, I'm just going to go ahead and get this one out of the way. Whenever anybody thinks of fishing films, this movie always makes the list. A true story of faith, fishing, and searching for your soul. The only beef I have with this story is their disdain for worm fishing. As an "all-rounder" myself, I esteem the lowly worm in high regard as a sure bet on landing supper.

2. The Complete Angler

The Compleat Angler was the original treatise on fishing published by Izaak Walton in 1653. It is as much a fascinating look into the spiritual musings of Walton as it is a book on fishing. The film version, however, takes place over 300 years later as college student James Prosek proposes a study of Walton's book using the medium of film. In 2002, Prosek journeys to the very places Walton walked. While retracing Walton's steps, Prosek drops a line or two into the very waters Walton fished with some great results.  I highly recommend this film.

3.  MeatEaters: Das Boat

I've been following Steve Rinella for a few years now. Billed as a hunting show and podcast for the thinking man and woman, everything MeatEaters puts out is top notch and down to earth. Their 2019 YouTube series Das Boat is no exception. The MeatEaters crew find an old beat up boat for sale online, buy it, modify it, and then send it out on a journey across the deep south in search of stories and good fishing. Just about each episode features a different pair of anglers who share their stories and some darn good fishing. I highly recommend this series!

4.  A Steelhead Quest

Who says women can't fish? Not me! My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed this film shot in 2015. Featuring Terry Myers and her husband, she embarks on a year long journey to catch a wild steelhead trout on a different river each month. You'll see some stunningly beautiful mountain scenery and you'll be rooting for her every step of the way. Such a wonderful story and beautiful film.

5. Catching the Impossible

This British series is beautifully filmed and narrated. Two old chums -- Bernard and Martin go on a quest to catch the biggest of each of the game fish species found in the UK. They'll take you through each season and through some of the most stunning rivers and waters to be found in the UK. You'll end up wanting to go fishing with these two and you'll glean plenty of knowledge that you can apply to your own fishing trips here in the USA. Available on Amazon Prime in 2019.


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